DIY Granite Countertops

If you’re anything like me, you despise your old Formica and laminate counter tops. They stain easily, and not to they mention dent and scratch easily too! Furthermore, you’re probably wishing to hit the lottery some day just so that you can afford to replace the ugly things! I am dreaming of a gorgeous marble or granite counter tops!

WELL, I think we’ve found a solution for you… a paint kit specifically for your counter tops! SEE I told you paint can do wonders! Never underestimate the power of paint! This project comes from our dear friend Mariah who is proving to be quite the DIYer!! She is rocking the DIY projects in her new home! Follow her home reno journey here!

Here is the run down of Mariah’s counter top makeover:

She had done a great deal of research online to analyze the cost and variety of Giani’s kits, thinking about what she wanted her kitchen counter tops to look like. She finally settled on the Giani Countertop Paint Kit, in Chocolate Brown since she loved the look and color of the “granite” it created!

After receiving her kit, she set aside a weekend to tackle the ugly counter tops!

Materials Needed:

Here are the steps she followed: 
1. Clear your counters – She realized from reading instructions that it’s best to go ahead and clear them all at once- It will save you time and from scrambling with paint in your hand to quickly try and clear other areas!
2. Clean and dry counters – She used dawn dish soap and warm water and a couple rags.. Try and remove any grease/grime that has been caked onto the counter tops! This will aid in the adhesion of the paint!
3. Cut caulk from the seams of your counters – She probably would’ve missed this step if it weren’t in Giani’s instructions…but it makes sense as you need maximum adhesion for the paint! (You can re-apply caulk at a later stage!)

These green counter tops are what she started with! Here they are clean and prepped for paint!

4. Once your counter tops are cleaned and prepped, apply a line of painters tape onto any surface surrounding your counters! She HIGHLY recommends taping the tops of all drawers/appliances – if hesitant, over-taping is the way to go! She learned this the hard way!!

5. After completely taping, apply a primer coat. Using the foam roller provided in the kit, roll on a thick layer of the black base primer. Once primed, find something else to do, ha! This is the longest wait time you’ll experience- clocking in at about 8 hours!

Here you’ll see the counters are primed and drying!

6. Begin to add color by applying mineral layers (there are three different colors included-the cans are numbered 2a, 2b, 2c). Using the sponge Giani provides, dab each color onto a dry surface. Mariah recommends leaving more black than you think you should since you can always add more color later. She also recommends waiting until each layer of color is nearly dry as you do not want your colors to blend (taking away from the speckled look). Once the first color has dried, apply the second and so on… until all of the colors have been applied and you’re happy with your masterpiece. No  allow the paint to fully dry / cure (stick to the manufacturers recommendation)! Below you’ll see her finished product, before adding the top coat of course!

7. Your last step is to apply the top coat with your second foam roller! Giani (and Mariah) recommend applying two layers of top coat to ensure the counters are fully sealed. Make sure to leave the counters to dry for at least 4 hours in between layers. Once the second coat is completely dry, you can remove the painters tape, add any clear caulk to seal joins, and put back your clutter (kidding, I mean your coffee maker and other necessities)!

And voila! You have brand new counter tops all in a weekend’s time, AND for under $100?? Are you kidding me!? Look at her finished product!

We had to share her dog onlooking this whole project, utterly confused as to why she spent her whole weekend in the kitchen!

Much love as always! xoxo


14 thoughts on “DIY Granite Countertops

  1. Was the counter top fix hard to you and how many kits did you need, just wondering since you have more counter space than I do.

    1. Lol!! I hear you! I am not entirely sure as my friend just completed her counter top reno, but I have heard they hold up really well over time. You do need to be careful about how much standing water you allow on the counter tops. But other than that, I have heard it keeps really well.

  2. I have white corian countertops in the bathrooms. I would love this transformation. Will it work on my corian?

  3. Your counter turned out beautiful. I used a different counter top kit and it looked just like yours until I applied the first coat of sealer. It smeared so bad and I just about cried. I waited the 72 hours before appling the top coat so I have no idea what happened. Luckily I only did a small part of my counter between the stovetop and top oven. Not sure what to do now, I emailed the Heirloom Traditions to see if they could shed some light on to what went horribly wrong but haven’t heard back from them yet.

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