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Ana White IGBC3 Challenge Shout Outs

Where the heck has April gone? I mean seriously.. is anyone else feeling this way??

Well Jason and I have been pretty busy with projects: finishing up the bathroom (yes we will finally share before and after photos soon!), creating a raised vegetable garden, prepping for a new deck, AND the Instagram Builders Challenge 3 contest ! We had so much fun with this challenge, and loved being a part of such a supportive community! I just had to share!

So here was the challenge… We all had to use Ana White’s DIY Bench plans, tweak them a bit, and create our own bench. Sounds simple right? Well let me tell you, when you are thrown into a competition, your creative juices really need to flow. How else are you going to win?? Jason and I had a blast coming up with our own version of Ana’s bench…you can find our build details here.

Needless to say, I was utterly blown away by the talent and creativity of some of the other entries… I’m talking jaw dropped- in awe. We thought it would be a great idea to share a few of our favorite entries. They are in no particular order since we couldn’t decide on our absolute favorite! You’ll see that I have linked each picture to its owner’s Instagram account. Please show them all some love!!

Shameless plug here… but of course I had to include our build as one of our favorites!

  1. This bench was built and designed by yours truly VivaLasDIY! For free build plans and detailed instructions, click here!


2. This gorgeous star design was created by our friends over at woodnwhimsydesigns. I love the intricate details and color choices. If you haven’t noticed by now, I love pale colors, especially pale blue. The chevron design for the seat is perfect! I can’t imagine how much planning must have gone into the design!! Kudos to them!

3. This next bench is from loveofwoodwork and it is absolutely stunning. I am in awe at the combination of wood, steel, and metal!  You’ll see they were able to inlay rebar into the X’s and used corrugated steel as a backdrop behind the X’s for contrast. It’s a perfect mix of industrial and farmhouse. Great work!


4. The next bench I love comes from rusticbarnsalvage. The multi-colored detail on the funky X’s is incredible. I love how she was able to personalize the bench by marking it with the location of the bait shop. It’s a great idea and I’m sure makes for the perfect personalized present for someone. Head over to their Instagram where you’ll find plenty of pictures to drool over!


5. Amanda over at Designsbyay is a girl after our own heart! She had a similar idea to our bench and designed hers with a table too! I love the little slot on the back of the bench where the shelf sits. It’s an excellent little touch that I wish we’d have thought of! AND p.s. her bench was staged similarly to ours too- a drink with a few books! 


6. Anyone who knows Jason and me knows that we are instantly drawn to the color blue. To be honest, our obsession with blue is probably a result of Jason’s love for Everton FC. Anyhoo.. this bench design contrasts a gorgeous blue color against a natural wood color so seamlessly. Did I mention I absolutely love the color choices?? The geometric designs are amazing as well! This was created by KnotsmanWoodworks … visit their Instagram for some great ideas and products.

7. Last but not least is a jaw dropper from Julie_O_Woodworx. Who would’ve thought to incorporate not only a bench swing, but also a pergola top?! I LOVE it. The natural wood color is perfect for simplicity since there are so many structural elements to admire! I may be begging Jason to build a similar piece for our backyard this summer!!


Aaaand that’s a wrap! Thank you to those who have shared your gorgeous builds with us, we appreciate you! Be sure to check out #IGBC3 on Instagram to see the other amazing entries!

P.S. If you take on the build yourself, please share you creation with us! We would love to see it!

P.P.S. Click here for our build guide

Much love as always xoxo


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