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Viva’s Dream Living Room


Happy Spring my loves! With the change in seasons usually comes a major cleaning.. and feeling like you need to detox EVERYTHING. If you’re like me, you may also re-evaluate your home’s decor. I feel as if we become so busy and wrapped up in everyday life, that it takes a physical change in seasons for us to wake up and realize our homes need a change! SO have no fear.. I have teamed up with the wonderful team at Arhaus to create my dream living room and give you guys some Spring inspiration!

The living room is my favorite; it’s the cozy gathering space for family and social scene for guests.  Did you know that 80% of Americans are not happy with their living room decor and furniture, AND 47% of Americans have not updated their living room decor for more than 5 years?! I truly believe if you are feeling the urge to spring clean and make a change in your home, focusing on your living room is your best bet!

I have scoured the internet and put together a vision board of my dream living room! Don’t worry, I have listed most of the pieces below and where to find them! So why did I pick all of these pieces? Keep on reading and I’ll let ya know!

Color Scheme: I have found that I am drawn to all things grey, bronze, natural wood, stone, and navy blue. Navy blue is a regal color in my mind, and adding this pop of color will instantly mature your space. Mix this blue with greys and whites and it will create an organized and calming space.

Sofa: For my dream space, I would LOVE a navy couch. Your sofa is oftentimes the anchor of your space, and highlighting it with your pop of color enhances its “wow” factor! The sofa I have picked is from Arhaus. I love the nail-head accent (which you’ll see I plan to match with other metals in the room) and the plush cushions.

Coffee & Side Tables: In order to continue incorporating the bronze metal scheme, I chose two side tables and a coffee table in the same metal color with fun clean lines. I purposely picked tables without storage as they leave very little room for clutter to collect, since you truly have nowhere to put it!

Textiles & Pillows: I love anything that is cozy! I know that’s pretty cliche, but your living room should be the MOST comfortable room in your home (okay, maybe tied with your bed). This rug is super soft and the white color creates a clean, airy feel. The pattern is also organized and minimal, which helps ease the chaos in your mind! Throw pillows also dually function as statement pieces and  relaxation tools. I chose a clean white pillow and a faux fur pillow for my throws!

Decor: Now all that’s left are simply decor items to boost your mood and personalize your room. Mirrors make your space feel bigger and brighter. Plants and greenery placed in fun planters purify the air in your space. Lamps/lighting obviously make your space brighter. Artwork should match your accent colors and, if picked correctly, will be a conversational piece. Clocks are a classic and functional decor accessory, which add character to your space. And finally, make sure to personalize your space. I suggest scattering pictures of you and your family around your living room, whether they be hung up on a wall or sitting on a side table!

I hope I’ve inspired some of you to take on some Spring cleaning and redecorating! Like I mentioned earlier, your living room is your gathering and relaxation space. Make it your own and somewhere you truly enjoy spending time! Trust me, it’s easier than you think!

Much love as always





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